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Sue McGarvey » Sight word practice

Sight word practice

Please review the sight words on a nightly basis. The students need to know 100 by the end of the year! Bring them back to school as soon as they master the current list, Iwill test them and move them onto the next color! The rainbow words are in order of the rainbow. After they master their red words, I will give them the orange etc.
Thank you, Mrs. Mcgarvey

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Harvest festival

Dear Parents;
Please purchase tickets at school before the harvest festival, scheduled for Oct. 30th. Also if you are available to help out with our bead art booth, and or prizes and candy, please let me know!

Rainbow words: Please review rainbow words on a nightly basis

Dear parents:
Please practice the rainbow words daily! The students need to know 100 by the end of the year!  They should be familiar with the first 10  by now!

letters and sound

Dear Parents;
Please review nightly the letters and sounds of the alphabet. We are beginning to write about a student of the week, and the children need to know how to form the letters correctly and identify each sound that letter makes.