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Kathryn McCurdy » Classroom Supply List

Classroom Supply List

For Distance/Home Learning 2020-21 School year
Top 2 most important things:
1. Create a spot for your child to work at and Zoom from, preferably a desk or table; not laying in bed or flopping on the couch, be dressed, with your hair combed and teeth brushed you will feel better and be more productive.
2. Headphones to use on Zoom, Lexia, Epic
Sharpened Pencils #2 (best pencil is Ticonderoga) & Erasures
1 box of 24 count Crayons
1-2 Highlighters
2 dry erase Whiteboard Markers, any colors, but one you can see! 
1 sock to erase whiteboards with and also serves to store White Board markers! (make sure it's clean!)
1 pair student scissors
 2 Glue Sticks
1 Folder;  1 to keep classwork in
Pencil pouch/box to keep their personal items in their workspace
Optional Items: When we return to school only! 
Ream of White Copy Paper for classroom use
**Brownie Points for Parents** Ream of Astrobright Copy Paper (any color!)
1-2 boxes Kleenex (we sometimes cry..)
2-3 containers of Clorox/Lysol Antibacterial Wipes (we use these ALOT!) not sure what district will provide at this time
We always need Donations for our "Prize Box" - small toys, fun pencils & pens, cute notebooks, erasures, stickers, think $ bin @ Target, 
Snacks as Prizes too- Individually wrapped Granola Bars, Fruit Roll Ups, non perishable items, favorite items; small bags of chips! Students love snacks! 
Please note - this list is Voluntary and your child will be provided with all the materials they need at school. If anyone wants to donate extra supplies that would be great. 
Your donations are greatly appreciated! Thank you, Ms. McCurdy