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Classroom supplies that are needed     
                C batteries
                Large Crayola Crayons - 8 colors
Thank you for your generous donations

Websites for students


Lexia – This is an app that we use in class that we encourage the students to use at home. Each student is provided with their own account. There is an initial assessment, which is done at school. The program is a learning program that adjusts to the needs of each student. Log in and password are given to the families after the initial assessment has been done in class. More information about this program is sent in a separate flyer.


Starfall.com/ - Great site. The letter ones are excellent. It works on letter recognition and sounds. There are also some interactive books.

spellingtraining.com – allows your child to practice the spelling words using different activities.

education.com/games/ - Select the grade level first. There are lots of different games. You need to go through them to find what you want.

iknowit.com – Has math activities up to 5th grade.

sesamestreet.org/games – There are a lot of different games. For example, letter party (works on letter name and tracing), count me sheep (Counting and number recognition), ABC Hungry (letter recognition), rhyme time (rhyming).

gamequarium.com/ - This has links to lots of games. They are grouped by grade level. It is really good. It has games for letters, shapes, rhyming, blending, numbers, and much more.

teacher.scholastic.com/activities – select pre-k. The website has activities up to 8th grade. However, the main ones for kinder are the Clifford ones. The Clifford sound match works on beginning sounds.

education.com – Select the grade level. There are games that work on sounding out, missing middle sound, and beginning sounds.

internet4classrooms.com/ - select prek-12. Then go to Early childhood. Next, go to kindergarten skill builder. Finally, choose either interactive language arts or math. There are a lot of different links.

aaamath.com Offers extra practice in math for children in grades K-8. It offers a mini lesson prior to showing the problems. This is something that your child can use if he/she needs extra practice from a previous grade, the present grade, or if he/she wants a challenge.

Important dates

August 12 - 1st day of school - We would like an adult to stay with the student for the entire day. We have a special day planned. (No younger siblings are allowed to come)
September 16 - Grandparent's Day - Grandparents come for centers. We will have muffins and juice. If grandparents can't come, a substitute may come in their place. (No younger siblings are allowed to come)
* Additional communications will be sent through something called SeeSaw. I will send more information during back to school night.